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In San Francisco, the ”+ community isn't specific to one neighborhood. 到处都是.

Men hanging out in the 卡斯特罗
While the 卡斯特罗 District is the epicenter of the LGBTQ community, you can experience the community all across our 49 square miles.

It wasn't an accident that San Francisco became the ”+ capital of the world. We've always been a city where everyone is welcome, where boldness is rewarded, and where nothing is more valued than the freedom to express yourself. 

You can see ”+ influence in our history, in trailblazers like Harvey Milk, the fight against AIDS, and the fight for marriage equality. You can see ”+ influence in our present, in the creative ways we support and champion each other, in the flags that dot many of our small businesses. And you can experience and celebrate alongside the ”+ community at our many local icons, festivals and bars.

People walking in the San Francisco Pride parade wave rainbow flags.

The Guide to San Francisco Pride

In the city that practically invented gay, we're excited to get back to the fun of celebrating San Francisco Pride.


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San Francisco Pride Parade and crowd

6 Iconic Annual ”+ 事件 Not to Miss 在贝博体彩app

These are the LGBTQ events you can't miss 在贝博体彩app this year.

胡安妮塔多! in front of the mural by J. Manuel Carmona and Guilherme Lemes Cardose e Silva, Steiner Street at Grove

11 Awesome LGBTQ Murals & Memorials 在贝博体彩app

The history of the ”+ community is enshrined throughout San Francisco. Here's our guide to some of the best murals and memorials.

Exterior of the Oasis Nightclub

11 Essential LGBT Bars 在贝博体彩app

You don’t have to travel far to find a great LGBTQ bar 在贝博体彩app.


7 Queer 要做的事情 在贝博体彩app

San Francisco is the gay capital of the USA. From the first "gayborhood" to the largest Pride March, SF is a must-visit queer destination.



Always San Francisco

How Visitors See SF

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